Holding pee due to dirty toilets

Dirty, disgusting, sloppy- typically, these are some of the nicer adjectives that strike us when we are reminded of an Indian public toilet. We have all been compelled to use one at some point in our lives with a promise to ourselves that we wouldn’t put our bodies through that unsanitary experience ever again.

Sometimes while travelling we stuck in the situation where we are desperate for the loo, and frantically hunting for a toilet, only to find when you get there, that the seat is covered with “droplets” from the previous user. But we’re bursting to use the toilets, but the nearest public toilets are so dirty that we can’t bear the thought of sitting on one to pee. If you’re an Indian woman, chances are you’ve faced just such a situation at least once in the recent past.

In such circumstances there are few choices available. Some women may compromise by wiping down the toilet seat with paper before use. Some others prefer to hover in a semi-squat without actually touching the toilet. Most women often make the other common-sense choice of holding in their pee till they get home.

Unclean toilets can cause an infection, but the solution is not to holding in. Holding it in could often be more of a cause of urinary infections. Holding in urine is one of the main actions that allow bacteria to grow in the bladder and cause an infection. In addition, it can increase your risk of kidney disease and in rare cases even risk your bladder bursting—a condition that can be deadly. 

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